MagWall is a high quality paint primer with metal properties that can transform your wall, and other surfaces such as glass and wood, into magnetic receptive surfaces. We have a range of exciting magnetic products that can be used to create highly engaging, fun, educational and business environments.


  • High quality, durable paint for chalk use. Price is for 1l tin.

  • Create a space to plan, organise, share and inspire. A Magwall approved product that works with the Magwall Paint.A3 Calendar: 2 options A3 Write & wipe Planners: 2 options 24 x inspirational quotes. Size: 70mm x 70mm. 10 x sheets Magnetic photo paper 20 x fun Emojis. Size 50mm x 50mm. MagWall A2 whiteboard plus 5 marker pens 10 x strong magnets

  • Teach children through fun, active participation and engagement.

  • Create an engaging and fun space for your kids.51 x shapes – rectangles, squares, circles, triangles 40 x cute wild / farm animals. Size: 50mm in diameter - 3 options 30 piece boys set: 2 options OR 30 – 40 piece girls set: 2 options 10 x sheets Magnetic photo paper MagWall A4 whiteboard plus 5 marker pens 5 x strong magnets

  • A paint primer with metal particles that can transform your wall into a magnetic receptive surface. Price is per 1l tin.